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Learning Islands

Learning Islands is a digital reading app - built on a collection of 100 video stories from Disney, the world's greatest storytellers, and 240 interactive games - that safely fuels curiosity and reading confidence for children 10 and under.

How we started...

As parents, we see our children using mobile and tablet devices more and more frequently to play games and watch videos, but have often wondered how much of this screen time is beneficial to their growth and development. So that’s why we decided to build an app that does just that!
Learning Islands is a subscription service app for children, that incorporates video stories and game play.

Children have access to video stories from the world of Disney & Pixar and interactive games, designed to challenge their abilities whilst practicing their English speaking and reading skills. As they venture through each island, which gives sense of progression, they will be rewarded with gold coins, reward videos and certificates which can be shared with family and friends. Our app turns screen time into practice time and gives all children the ability to learn and grow new vocabulary and literacy skills in a fun and exciting way, whilst inspiring them to find a love for reading.

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Learning Possibilities

Learning Possibilities is a social enterprise with over 15 years of experience within the Education sector, working with schools and Ministries of Education in the UK, SE Asia, Middle East and Africa, to put technology infrastructure to help schools deliver critical digital skills, and teach during lock down.

As a social enterprise we see the importance of English to future learning outcomes, employment, and GDP. We therefore wanted to build a means of English language reading and comprehension that was engaging and rewarding. In creating an exciting game that rewards progress, and choosing Disney, we have both the world’s best storytellers, as well as household names from movies such as Toy Story and Frozen.


We pride ourselves on maintaining policies and certifications that not only benefit the company internally but provide our customers further reason to trust our solutions.